Adhesive-Free Flooring For Workplaces

No longer is the workspace just a bland cubicle and a desk.

The changing face of the workforce means that traditional office environments are morphing into more agile spaces, with legacy space repurposed into serviced offices, shared and co-working spaces and start-up hubs.

And fixtures and fittings need to be able to flex accordingly.

“Around 55% of existing UK office inventory by floorspace is more than 30 years old and at risk of functional obsolescence.”

Source: Carter Jonas

Flooring That’s As Flexible As the Workplace


It’s time to rethink flooring.


Download our whitepaper to find out how flooring can be a sustainable and flexible design element for the workplace.


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IOBAC Adhesive-Free Magnetic Flooring for Workplaces

Whether it’s building new offices, or repurposing existing spaces, IOBAC



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