Flooring repaired or redesigned … quick as a flash

IOBAC Flooring innovations are designed with flexibility in mind.


Although we engage with it every day, flooring is an often overlooked part of building design, seen merely as a necessity that once chosen, you are stuck with for many years.


But what if it could be a flexible design element used to enhance a space, and which could be updated with minimal disruption?

Now you can:

> Choose from an array of magnetic ceramic, timber, LVT .. options on Ezy-Install Underlay 

> Install non-magnetic tiles using MagTabs

> Design ESD flooring with a whole range of top surface finish options

> Easily install and remediate Heated flooring

> Track behaviour and adapt designs accordingly with Sensor flooring


 > Open up your flooring options with IOBAC <

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Once your IOBAC magnetic flooring is in place, the metallised resin base or Ezy-Install roll down underlay stays permanently in position, enabling the top surface tile to be easily uplifted and replaced.

So whether it’s due to damage, refurbishment or spotting an advertising opportunity, you can switch flooring with ease with no specialist skills or external contractors required, and with no need to disturb and rectify the subfloor.

Damage, flood, spills – no sweat

Accidents happen.

But when disaster strikes and your floor is damaged, there’s no drama with IOBAC magnetic flooring. Simply lift up the damaged tile and put a new one in its place in a matter of seconds.

US supermarket had repeated instances of nail varnish spillages onto tiles. Replacement of affected tile is simple and costs about $6 compared to $4-500 per incident.

Flooded floor due to fridge leakage. Shop manager showed how to replace and dry floor until fridge is fixed. With a traditional system, the adhesive could have emulsified and the whole floor blown

Design Agility

Floor space needs to work harder than ever today.

Completely repurposing an area? Creating an immersive, experiential space? Refreshing the shopper experience? Or simply creating a great Instagram opportunity?

The need for an agile flooring solution has never been greater.

Swop and change floor finishes quickly and easily with an IOBAC magnetic floor – no additional preparation required.

“The IOBAC system is quick and very simple to install, this means that I do not have to take areas out for long periods; something that is very key in a 24/7 operational environment. The installation was painless, I couldn’t fault anything. After 24 months the installation is still as new, there is no sign of wear, movement or lifting. This type of system is the way forward.”

Heathrow International Airport

“We regularly welcome sponsors and partners to our headquarters and being able to change the floor surface with the theme of events was very attractive to us. IOBAC provides the flexibility to insert branded tiles as an additional welcome for our guests.”

Sahara Force India

Flooring that pays

Enhance retail space by easily installing franchise, in-store concessions or pop-up promotional areas.

By harvesting data from IOBAC Sensor Flooring, including entrance matting, engagement areas, and full floor tracking, businesses can make strategic decisions based on real insight.

And because magnetic flooring is flexible and modular, that data can be used to inform what flooring you lay, where you lay it, and with what advertising to maximise business results.



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