The concrete subfloor exceeded 90% RH

Fixing Boots’ damp floors
High street pharmacy chain, Boots’ Elgin store had flooded twice in one year. The flooring was hazardous, unsightly and sat above 90% RH as a result. Luckily, IOBAC was on hand to help.


Flooded floors are a nightmare for any business, especially a retailer – heavily reliant on footfall for sales. Over the past year, the Boots Elgin store had flooded twice.

The flooring throughout the store had been
extensively patch repaired and areas of the existing floor had failed due to the ingress of water. The smoothing compound had cracked; the vinyl was lifting and curling, creating dangerous trip hazards to both customers and staff.

“No revenue was lost during the process”


Boots specified the IOBAC flooring system for this project. The 3M paramagnetic (metallised) resin dries in an hour, it is water permeable and able to withstand RH (Relative Humidity) levels up to 95% RH, obviating the requirement for a surface DPM (Damp Proof Membrane).

The floor in the Elgin store exceeded 90% RH, by negating the need for a surface DPM this reduced installation time by a minimum of 80%.

IOBAC is the only flooring system in the world that could mitigate the risk of future flooring failures, while the store remained open.


  • No revenue loss
  • Competitive cost on initial install and substantial savings on future floor replacement
  • Exceptional looking floor, client aesthetic demands met and exceeded
  • Quicker, easier and less expensive to maintain
  • Mitigating risk and failure of flooring
  • Reduction in maintenance and life cycle costs
  • No more curling and lifting of the floor
  • Capital allowance tax savings as flooring is not considered part of the fabric of the building. These savings can be achieved on future installations too

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