Magnetic Technology

Will the magnets affect equipment, devices and humans?

No, the magnetic field is emitted from the top surface downwards towards the resin. No magnetic field is evident beyond the top surface of the floor or below the resin.

How long do the magnetic properties last for?

A permanent magnet can keep its magnetism for many years provided it is not exposed to extreme conditions. Magnetic degradation is very slow, with an estimated loss of 1% of magnetism every 10 years.

Is the IOBAC magnetic flooring system patented?



What types of floors can the IOBAC system be installed to?

IOBAC can be installed direct to concrete, terrazzo, ceramic, plywood, and vinyl if it is down, sound and level. This may often mean that you will not be required to rip up the existing floor saving a huge amount of cost and time in your flooring program.

What area (sq ft) of the IOBAC system could be laid in an 8 hour shift?

In retail environments, between 3,200 sq ft and 6,400 sq ft can be installed. The area achieved is dependent on site conditions and sequence of works.

Why does IOBAC work on damp subfloors up to 95% RH?

The IOBAC resin system is a vapour permeable layer laid at 500 microns that enables the concrete to breathe. The IOBAC top surface is held via magnetism and not adhesives. Magnetism is not affected by water, whereas adhesives usually emulsify in the presence of water.

How easily can the IOBAC resin be removed from terrazzo or polished concrete?

Should you wish to remove the IOBAC resin for any reason, this is a quick and easy process. Simply score the resin, find the edge and strip using a stripper tool.


What maintenance is recommended for the IOBAC flooring system?

The top surface manufacturer recommends a maintenance programme for their product. Due to the absence of adhesive in the IOBAC system, there is no need for waxing to protect from water ingress reducing maintenance costs. Normally neutral cleaners and non-woven commercial floor pads are proposed by the manufacturers.

Where to Buy?

How do I buy an IOBAC magnetic flooring system?

Please contact an IOBAC approved provider who will support you in choosing the appropriate system (link to Product Selector) for your flooring needs.

For any geography not listed, please contact IOBAC direct.

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How do I become an IOBAC approved Distributor, Supplier or Contractor?

Please contact IOBAC direct and we will guide you through the requirements.

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