Ezy-Rug Gripper Kits

Rug Gripper for Anti-Slip Rugs & Mats


 Suitable for use on all hard flooring, Ezy-Rug Gripper Kits hold rugs and mats strongly and securely in place, with no slipping, sliding or lifting.


This unique 2-part magnetic rug gripper system is easy to install and removes cleanly for damage-free floors and rugs.

Flooring Innovation Gold Award 2023



Ezy-Rug Gripper Kits have scooped gold in the Flooring Innovation Awards 2023 in the Underlay and Accessories category.

The independent judges fedback that Ezy-Rug is:

“Simple, easy to use, highly functional in situ, no risk of damage to the floor below and improves safety – just what the rug industry needs!”

Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - secure hold

Strong, Secure Hold

Prevent trips with no sliding, lifting or creeping

For use on all hard flooring – Luxury Vinyl Tile, laminate, ceramic & wood

Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - clean removal

Clean Removal

Damage-free, quick and easy removal from floor

No adhesive residue left on flooring or rug

Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - flexible positioning

Flexible Positioning

Quick and easy to install and uplift rugs from floor

Enables easy cleaning and access to floor for maintenance


Ideal for use in

Hotels & Hospitality

e.g. Lobby, corridor and bedrooms


e.g. Corridors, breakout & relaxation areas

Retail & Leisure

e.g. Seating & relaxation areas

Installed in 3 easy steps

The Ezy-Rug Gripper Kit uses the same clever combination of magnetism and adhesion as our trusted MagTabs to form a secure, yet cleanly removeable bond between the rug and the floor.

It consists of 2 double-sided parts:


  • has an adhesive side and a metallic side
  • The adhesive side sticks to the underside of the rug, whilst its metallic side is attracted to the magnetic side of the floor pad.


  • has a dry-tack adhesive side and a magnetic side
  • The magnetic side is attracted to the metallic side of the rug pad, whilst the dry-tack side secures the rug to the floor.
EzyRug Fixing Kit 2 part system
Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - Step 1 installation

Separate the Floor and the Rug Pad from each other.

Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - Rug liner

Remove liner marked “Rug Side” from the Rug Pad and stick to underside of rug.


Use 2 pads positioned at right angles to each other on each rug corner.

Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - Step 2 installation

Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - Remove liner

Remove the silicone liner with “Remove” sticker from the side of the Rug Pad.



Position magnetic side of Floor Pad over the exposed face of the Rug Pad and connect.


Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - Step 3 installation

Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - Floor side





Remove remaining liner marked “Floor Side” from Floor Pad and adhere to floor.


Notes: Position one side of the rug first using steps 1-3 above before completing for the other side of the rug.


  • For use on all hard flooring surfaces including LVT, laminate, wood and ceramic flooring.
  • Check suitability of adhesive prior to installation.
  • Larger rugs may require more than one pack of Ezy-Rug pads, smaller rugs/mats fewer.

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