How IOBAC Adhesive-Free Magnetic Flooring Works

Think of IOBAC adhesive-free magnetic flooring as being like a fridge magnet

fridge magnet


The flooring base is like the fridge – both contain metal elements to which a magnet is attracted.  All IOBAC bases, whether resin or underlay, contain special metallic “para-magnetic” additives. Or you could use the existing metal raised access floor as a base.


And then the floor tile acts like the fridge magnet.  Magnetically backed timber, ceramic and luxury vinyl flooring tiles are available, or clever IOBAC MagTabs can be used to attract standard-backed flooring tiles such as carpet and +4mm LVT to the base.

Build Your Flooring System in 3 Easy Steps

  • Minimal preparation is required – no sealants, primers or plywood bases needed


  • Often possible to go straight over existing flooring with no uplift required

  • Fit standard tiles including carpet and +4mm Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) using IOBAC MagTabs™

  • Install magnetic backed tiles such magnetic timber, ceramic and LVT direct

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