Keep your business on track, with super-speedy installations

All IOBAC flooring innovations are designed to be as simple and hassle-free as possible – in fact, installation time can be reduced by up to 3 times

  • making life quicker and easier for installers

  • reducing down-time and disruption to business operations

  • causing less upheaval to customers and staff

and ultimately, saving time and project costs on a flooring solution.

Life’s too short to waste time on messy, long-winded processes.

Whether it’s dry-laid Ezy-Install underlay for modular flooring or sensor flooring installations, MagTabs for installations onto metal raised access floors or for installations of a diverse range of surface tiles, or an underfloor heating solution that isn’t complex to install and repair, or ESD Flooring that gives you design freedom, IOBAC aims to take the stress out of flooring.

Simplified flooring processes

With IOBAC Magnetic Flooring, you can simply apply a metallised resin or Ezy-Install roll-down underlay straight onto a smooth, damp sub-floor or existing sound floor

  • Minimal preparation required
  • Go straight over existing flooring – no need to uplift
  • Moisture Mitigation Layers not required on floors up to 95% Relative Humidity
  • Metallised resin base cures and is able to be trafficked and laid on within 90 minutes (using Fast Cure Resin)
  • No need to apply adhesive layers
  • No need to seal floor afterwards against moisture ingress

The traditional method

The IOBAC method

Example Project Timeline

Here’s an example project showing how a 200m2 installation can be completed in just one night with IOBAC magnetic flooring, versus 3 nights using traditional uplift techniques.


Application straight onto the existing floor and a quick cure time mean that the IOBAC magnetic flooring avoids the need for complicated uplift and preparation stages.

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