Facilitating flooring reuse in a wide range of built environments



Double-sided dry-tack adhesive tabs for cleanly fixing and uplifting carpet, LVT and woven vinyl tiles on most prepared sub-floors.

Now we’ve got all building environments covered



We’ve expanded our tab installation family to cover a wider range of sub-floors and built environments.

Ultra thin, double-sided dry-tack tabs, IOBAC Tab-It cleanly and securely affixes carpet tiles, +4mm Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), and woven vinyl tiles onto most common prepared
sub-floors, including:

  • non-metal raised access floors including calcium sulphate, aluminium and wood
  • concrete/polished concrete
  • wood
  • ceramic
  • vinyl/lino/VCT

and can be used as an overlay system over existing flooring.

These little squares strongly secure floor coverings, even in heavy footfall spaces, using the same proven chemistry as our IOBAC MagTabs®, which is approved for use with flooring brands including Shaw ContractForboBurmatexntgrate, Tarkett, Desso, Ege Carpets, BalsanBolonBLOQ , Milliken, Modulyss and Interface.

And in a first for the industry, Shaw Contract EMEA have gone one step further by offering a 15-year warranty for its carpet tiles when installed using our MagTabs and Tab-It®including the re-installation of the tiles in a second location.

IOBAC Tab-It Flooring Installation Product Shot
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Hard to Shift, Yet Easy to Lift – Making Flooring Reuse A Reality


Flooring tiles are cleanly and easily uplifted, with no contamination of the flooring tile or sub-floor.

Flooring can then be easily reused, or recycled via the flooring manufacturer’s take-back scheme.

The sub-floor assets are protected and immediately ready for the next install, with no remedial time or costs required.


Tab-It vs MagTabs – Where To Use


> Metal raised access flooring

> IOBAC Ezy-Install Underlay

> IOBAC Resins



> Non-metal raised access flooring

> Concrete, Wood, Ceramic

> Vinyl/lino/VCT

The Better Way To Install Flooring

Better For The Environment

Making Circular Flooring Easy


  • Uplift flooring cleanly and easily with no damage
  • Reuse or recyle floor covering, facilitating manufacturer take-back schemes & eliminating landfill waste
  • Eliminate VOCs associated with adhesive-based methods
  • Prevent contamination of metal raised access flooring
  • Contribute towards sustainability assessment certifications such as BREEAMSKA ratings and LEED
Carpet tile with Tab-It

Better For Design Flexibility

Tab-It Installation for Flooring
Complete Design Freedom

  • Universally compatible – design is not limited to one brand or flooring type
  • Seamlessly combine different flooring types and brands in the same space
  • Use on a wide range of sub-floors and built environments
  • Easily deconstruct and repurpose flooring
  • Giving flooring maximum flex-agility for today’s spaces



Ultra-thin profile means no telegraphing of tab through to flooring top surface.

Yet super strong and tear resistant construction.

Tab-It Ultra Thin Profile

Better For Lifetime Value

Flooring That Pays Back


  • Fast, dry-laid installation method saves time, money and disruption
  • Eliminates messy, wet trades
    • Set out and lay straight away, no waiting needed
    • Zero mess, cleaning or remedial costs on uplift
  • Double liner for easy application and placement
  • Material efficiency – 75% weight saving vs adhesive for reduced logistics and disposal costs
  • Only 4% coverage needed – Equivalent price or cheaper per sqm than full-spread adhesive
IOBAC Tab-It on Concrete

How Tab-It Works


Tab-It diagram

A Quick Guide to Installation

Installation of carpet tile onto chipboard using Tab-It

Installation of Luxury Vinyl Tile onto chipboard using Tab-It

Product Information

Compatible Sub-Floors

Most common prepared sub-floors, including:

  • non-metal raised access floors including calcium sulphate, aluminium and wood
  • concrete/polished concrete
  • wood
  • ceramic
  • vinyl/lino/VCT
Compatible Floor Covering Types

  • Carpet tile
  • +4mm Luxury Vinyl Tile
  • Woven vinyl tile
Dimensional Data

  • 97 x 97mm square
  • circa 0.1mm thickness
  • 100 tabs per roll, 8 rolls per case
  • Case dimensions – 305 x 305 x 305mm.  Weight – 4.8kg
IOBAC Tab-It Flooring Installation Product Shot

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