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Welcome to IOBAC, a forward-thinking technology company intent on revolutionising material circularity

“There Must Be A Better Way”


Pronounced as “I-Owe-Back” to the environment, our company was founded on the belief that there had to be a better way to manage flooring throughout its life-cycle.

Having witnessed the high levels of wasted time, materials and cost associated with traditional flooring techniques, our vision was simple:

“To streamline the flooring process, making it as sustainable, cost-effective and flexible as possible for all involved, specifiers, contractors and end-users alike.”



IOBAC I-OWE-BACK Flooring Sustainability

Rethinking Flooring


One of our key objectives was to develop flooring installation technologies that faciltate flooring reuse, eliminate flooring landfill waste and reduce the costs involved in rectifying contaminated sub-floors.

The result?

A patented adhesive-free magnetic flooring system that holds floor coverings securely, yet enables them to be cleanly uplifted contamination-free with no damage to the sub-floor.

Award-winning products that have since been approved and/or used by leading flooring manufacturers and specified globally in key projects with prestigious end-user clients.




IOBAC CPD Adhesive-Free Flooring


And as our technology portfolio has expanded, sustainability has always been fundamental to what we do.

From ensuring our technologies contain recycled components wherever possible, to developing Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating which can be powered by renewable energy sources.


What People Say About Us

Brian Beakler headshot

“When I first saw IOBAC’s technology in 2012, it opened my eyes as to how flooring has to change.


As true innovators, IOBAC had the foresight back then to see how important taking an adhesive-free flooring approach would be.


Most importantly, they also had the technical expertise to go on and develop commercialised solutions that deliver real benefits.”

Dr. Brian Beakler I President, Floor Covering Institute

Adhesive-free flooring Dr Asif Din quote

Our Way

We innovate through understanding market needs and close collaboration with other technology experts.



This approach has led us to develop innovation award winning products such as Ezy-Install Underlay and MagTabs used in projects all over the world.


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Our Technologies

From our first patent for a rapid setting magnetically receptive coating, to our more recent patented technologies in underfloor heating, we’re constantly innovating.


We combine the latest in additive chemistry with expertise in magnetic science to build a rich portfolio of solutions.



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Our Team

With over 40 years of innovation and flooring expertise between them, the IOBAC team is passionate about developing a better way for flooring and heating.


We’re based near Basingstoke, UK, at our Innovation Centre – book a visit with us to see the technology in action.



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