Ezy-Fit Tile Access Panel Kits

For A Fast, Flexible and Professional Finish Every Time


Maintaining access to building services hidden behind porcelain or ceramic tiles is a common requirement in residential and commercial projects.


BUT most tiling contractors agree that installing tile access panels can be tricky.


Trying to line up hinges and brackets to get a perfect finish is



and can lose precious time on a job.


Plus there are often return trips to site afterwards to open the panel for access.


That’s why we’ve worked with a leading commercial tiling contractor to design Ezy-Fit, a professional solution that’s been tested by trade experts.

Access panel kits are generally unsightly, costly and time consuming to install.

Finally Ezy-Fit offers a solution that works for tilers.

Ashbury Tiles Ltd

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Save Time and Costs on Your Next Project


Ezy-Warm Underfloor Heating - hassle-free



Tile position can be easily adjusted for perfect alignment

Anyone can install, special trades not needed

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Install time less than half vs traditional methods

No precision hinges or drilling required

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Perfect Finish

Easy to adjust for level finish

Grout for complete invisibility, or edge-seal with clear silicone

Dual Grip technology for super secure hold


Easy Access

Simple suction-cup method

Clean and non-destructive

No need for return visit by tiler or for spare tiles

Hard to Shift, Easy to Lift – How It Works

Unique Dual-Grip bond means porcelain and ceramic tiles are held securely in place using both adhesion and magnetic attraction



Yet when access is needed, the tile is simply lifted away using a suction cup.

No mess, no broken tiles, no bother.

In Action


Ashbury Tiles Ltd uses Ezy-Fit in contract with property developer Telford Homes for prestigious Nine Elms regeneration project in London

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