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Investments in travel infrastructure are leading to the construction and refurbishment of many stations and airports

With huge footfall in these buildings, it’s imperative that managing passenger flow is balanced with creating an enjoyable retail experience for a captive but transient audience.

Heathrow alone welcomes 75 million fliers a year, at an average of more than 200,000 people every day

Source: FreedomPay

Average time spent shopping before boarding flights

Source: FreedomPay

IOBAC Magnetic Flooring for Transportation

IOBAC is the ideal flooring solution to cope with this tough 24/7 environment, as it

Heathrow International Airport

“The IOBAC system is quick and very simple to install, this means that I do not have to take areas out for long periods; something that is very key in a 24/7 operational environment. The installation was painless, I couldn’t fault anything. After 24 months the installation is still as new, there is no sign of wear, movement or lifting. This type of system is the way forward.”

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