IOBAC Modular Sensor Flooring


Using big data to drive better outcomes for your business

A touchscreen on the floor by Scanalytics – connect and hide under a flexible IOBAC Magnetic Flooring System

Helping you to

  • understand your physical space
  • enhance the customer experience
  • obtain real-time data to assist in business decisions


Making floors work harder across:
• Entrance matting
• Engagement areas
• Full floor tracking

How it works

Easy to install

  • Simple dry laid install of magnetically receptive roll down layer (Ezy-Install)

Design freedom

  • Modular magnetic flooring system – easy to replace and repair
  • Wide array of top surface options possible
    e.g. LVT, carpet, stone, ceramic, rubber…
  • Swap in different floor finishes for directional retailing
  • Branded surface tiles for advertising opportunities

Operational Effectiveness

  • Collect data from all interactions
  • Analyse, design and improve layouts
  • Link to apps and other data sources
    – POS data to engagement
    – Footfall data to heating, lighting and security
    – Full floor tracking to high margin areas

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