Magnetically Receptive Resin


IOBAC magnetically receptive resins form a permanent, durable base onto which a wide choice of floor coverings can be fixed.


Installed once, the resin base stays intact, enabling the top surface floor covering to be switched quickly and easily when repairs or design changes are required. 


One of the major benefits of IOBAC resins is that they can be applied to a floor of up to 95% humidity without the need for moisture mitigation materials such as dampproof membranes.


And as an encapsulated system, dust contamination is eliminated.

With a choice of two IOBAC resins for maximum flexibility,

there is an option for most circumstances:

Express Cure Resin

  • Super fast cure of just 1-2 hours for minimal disruption to business operations

  • Moisture and surface tolerant

  • Ideal for commercial and refurbishment projects

High Grab Resin

  • Dual Grip power combines dry-adhesive tack with magnetism to ensure maximum hold between the resin base and surface flooring tile

  • Quick cure time (approximately 4 hours)

  • Ideal for high-traffic areas demanding maximum durability, as well as new-build projects

Installation Guidelines

In summary, installation of IOBAC magnetic flooring using resin involves these easy steps but please consult the installation guidelines and videos below for full details.
  • Mix resin Parts A and B together
  • Mix in Part C, the metallic additive
  • Trowel onto a prepared base
  • Roller to remove trowel marks
  • Leave to cure
  • Install top surface tiles – either magnetic backed LVT, carpet or ceramic or use standard backed tiles with IOBAC MagTabs
Step-by-step guide showing how to apply a IOBAC Magnetic Flooring System using Express Cure Resin
Installation of IOBAC Magnetic Flooring System in a kitchen
(Video courtesy of our partner, Resincoat)

Magnetically Receptive Resin In Action

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