Circlease™ Floor Leasing

Invest in tomorrow, embrace circularity today

Circlease™ Floor Leasing by IOBAC couples sustainable, circular flooring with flexible financing options

Giving you peace of mind that your next flooring fit-out is as good for the planet as it is for your pocket.

As part of your lease, there’s a commitment to cleanly uplift and reuse flooring elsewhere, improving material circularity and reducing embodied carbon.

This is made possible by using reversible contamination-free IOBAC Tab technology to install your chosen floor covering, meaning both the flooring and sub-floor remain clean and easy to reuse.

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Benefits of Circlease Floor Leasing


Circular Flooring

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  • Low carbon flooring options installed using reversible IOBAC contamination-free fixings
  • Flooring is uplifted at end-of-life and reused elsewhere – no waste, no landfill

Protected Assets

  • Damage-free uplift means sub-floor assets are protected and can be reused
  • High cleaning or dilapidation costs at end of lease eliminated

Flexible Designs

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  • Access a superior range of carpet, woven vinyl and LVT options from leading manufacturers
  • Longer lasting flooring – cleaning and maintenance included in lease

Improved Cash Flow

  • No initial outlay: free up capital for other business areas
  • Spread costs across contract (up to 5 years)
  • Lease payments tax deductible

How Circlease Floor Leasing Works

Circlease is facilitated by fit-out finance experts, Plus Finance


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1. Select a floor covering for your project from one of the participating floor covering manufacturers

2. Obtain a quote and contract from Plus Finance for your monthly payment plan

3. Once the contract is finalised, flooring is installed using reversible IOBAC fixings

4. Receive professional annual cleaning if chosen as an option

5. End of lease: flooring is uplifted by Circlease and put into reuse network or sent for recycling


Find Out More – Contact Plus Finance for a Circlease Floor Leasing Quote

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