Magnetic Wood Flooring

Strong Meets Flexible.  Traditional Meets Technology.



Magnetic Wood Flooring combines the beauty and reliability of tongue-and-groove engineered wood with IOBAC Magnetic Foil for faster, more flexible installations and superior sustainability


Magnetic on one side and with acrylic-based adhesive on the other, high strength IOBAC Magnetic Foil is applied to wood flooring products to create a robust magnetic wood flooring solution.

Magnetic wood flooring is simply and securely installed directly onto metal raised access floors or IOBAC Ezy-Install® Magnetically Receptive Underlay, forming a strong, yet reversible connection.

Individual wood planks can be lifted up using a suction lifter for immediate access to services in the void underneath the access flooring.

Available across a wide range of wood products, this adhesive-free installation method protects the access floor itself, keeping it clean and free from adhesive contamination.

V4Magnetic Wood Powered by IOBAC on metal raised access floor

Photo credits: V4Magnetic®



Why Magnetic Wood Flooring?

Strong, yet Reversible

Icon denoting flooring flexibility - a small circle with 2 arrows either side

Powerful 2 dimensional hold

Tongue-and-groove mechanism locks planks together horizontally, 

whilst strong magnetic grip holds vertically to sub-floor 

Improved Circularity

Sustainable adhesive-free flooring from IOBAC

Adhesive-free installation

Clean and easy uplift means magnetic wood can be easily reused

Sub-floor left contamination-free and ready for the next installation straight away

Fast Installation

IOBAC Magnetic Flooring - Fast Flooring Installation

Simple, hassle-free installation

Easy access, repair and replacement

Minimal disruption to business or home


Cost Effective

icon denoting saving money. A hand with three coins falling into it.

Reduced labour and materials

Sub-floor asset protected – no expensive remediation needed

Capital allowances for building owners (classed as a portable asset)

How Magnetic Wood Flooring Works

IOBAC Magnetic Foil for wood flooring is made up of 2 key layers – a high strength flexible magnetic film and an acrylic based adhesive bonded to the tongue-and-groove engineered wood floor.
Diagram showing IOBAC Adhesive-free Magnetic Wood Composition



Magnetic Wood Flooring – Where To Buy

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Thanks to our years of experience in magnetic flooring, IOBAC has provided consultation services to several wood flooring manufacturers wanting to magnetise their product ranges.

We can advise on the best materials and processes required to magnetise a wood product for optimum performance – please contact us for further details.

Magnetic Wood Flooring – Product Information

Compatible Sub-Floors

Dimensions and Packaging

  • Foil cut to required dimensions, 0.6mm thickness (including adhesive film)
  • Packaging: Dependent on magnetic foil dimensions, but generally supplied on a cardboard core with release liner for ease of application to wood

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