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 We have commercialised our 6 patented/patent-pending technologies across different applications and sectors.


Follow the development journey below, from our first resin patent to award-winning products specified in prestigious global projects.

IOBAC Patented Technolgies - Summary Table
IOBAC Tab-It Flooring Installation
  • Attachment solutions for carpet, woven vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tile
  • MagTabs® and Tab-It® Installation Tabs approved by leading flooring manufacturers
  • Sub-floor assets protected
  • Floor covering undamaged and ready for reuse

Sustainable Underlays

IOBAC Magnetic Flooring - Magnetically Receptive Resin

Fixing Systems

EzyWarm Underfloor Heating
IOBAC Sensor Adhesive-Free Flooring
IOBAC Conductive Flooring

From Our First Resin Patent


Our timeline of innovation begins back in 2016 when following collaboration and development work together, global manufacturer 3M assigned a joint patent to IOBAC for a rapid-setting magnetically receptive vapour permeable coating.

We commercialised this as our first product, IOBAC Express Cure Resin, a super fast curing resin that forms a permanent, durable base onto which a wide range of floor coverings can be fixed adhesive-free.

Installed once, the resin base stays intact, enabling quick and easy repairs and design changes.




IOBAC Magnetically Receptive Resin

To Metalized Coating Development


From there, we’ve developed our expertise in different resin chemistries containing metal additives, from quick-curing polyaspartic resins to collaborating on a polyurethane resin that combines magnetism with dry-tack.

This patented Dual-Grip technology provides the “Hard to Shift, Easy to Lift” properties within our Quick Cure Magnetically Receptive Resin giving maximum hold between the resin base and floor covering in high traffic areas.

And thanks to our years of experience in magnetic flooring, we have provided consultation services to several flooring manufacturers wanting to magnetise their products.  We can advise on suitable coatings and high strength magnetic films, supporting the magnetisation process for magnetic wood and other flooring types.

To Developing Applications


In addition to resins, we’ve also developed our technologies for different methods of application.

From collaborating with an underlay manufacturer to develop a dry laid magnetically receptive underlay (Ezy-Install Underlay) to creating our clever attachment tabs for flooring installation on most common prepared sub-floors (MagTabs® and Tab-It®), our adhesive-free installation methods cover all built environments.



IOBAC MagTabs Adhesive-free flooring installation on metal raised access flooring





Ezy-Rug Fixing Kit - Step 2 installation

To Solving Problems


We’re often seen as problem-solvers with customers asking us whether our technologies can help improve their current processes.

Both our fixing systems were as a result of this, and use Dual-Grip technology applied to very different problems.

To creating tile access panels quickly, accurately and with easy access with Ezy-Fit Tile Access Panel Kits, to stopping rugs moving, preventing slips and protecting floors in the case of Ezy-Rug Gripper Kits.

To Expanding Our Footprint


By collaborating with experts in graphene super-conductive additives, we’ve invented and patented new to the world floor and wall coatings that efficiently heat rooms (either via solar panels or DC or AC supply).  Our Ezy-Warm System uses this technology for simple, highly efficient underfloor heating.

We’ve also invented a new magnetic conductive floor tile, and worked with data experts Scanalytics to develop a flexible, sensor floor solution for gathering footfall data and insight on footfall.




IOBAC MagTabs Adhesive-free flooring installation on metal raised access flooring

Our Story

Pronounced as “I-Owe-Back” to the environment, our company was founded on the belief that there had to be a better way to manage flooring throughout its life-cycle.



We set out to develop technologies that facilitate flooring reuse, eliminate flooring landfill waste and protect valuable building assets.


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Our Way

We innovate through understanding market needs and close collaboration with other technology experts.



This approach has led us to develop innovation award winning products such as Ezy-Install Underlay and MagTabs used in projects all over the world.


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Our Team

With over 40 years of innovation and flooring expertise between them, the IOBAC team is passionate about developing a better way for flooring and heating.


We’re based near Basingstoke, UK, at our Innovation Centre – book a visit with us to see the technology in action.



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