Why choose IOBAC Magnetic Flooring?

The IOBAC magnetic flooring system enables a more flexible, cost-beneficial installation over the life of a floor as compared to traditional methods.

Speed of Installation

Apply a quick-cure magnetically receptive fast-cure resin or Ezy-Install™ Underlay, add a magnetic top tile or fix a standard tile with MagTabs, and go!

Installation time is rapidly reduced, meaning minimal down-time and disruption to operations.


Changing the floor is then as simple as switching out the magnetic top tile, giving design freedom to change the look and feel of a space effortlessly.

Any damaged tiles can be easily swapped out in seconds with no specialist training required.

Operational Benefits

The system offer significant project cost savings due to reduced labour and process steps.

Plus ongoing tax benefits due to the top surface being classed as removable and revenue from advertising opportunities and data gathering.


Any used top surface tiles are contamination-free and can be re-used or more easily recycled, rather than being sent to landfill.

Recycled/recyclable materials where possible.  Plus Heated Flooring and Walling can be powered by renewable energy.

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