Stockholm Furniture Fair is Scandinavia’s leading platform for furniture, lighting design and architecture. Held annually in Stockholm, Sweden, the fair attracts architects, designers, interior decorators, buyers and enthusiasts from all around the world.

During the 2024 fair, a temporary design bar was installed by designers Studio Lab La Bla to demonstrate their vision of a sustainable stand.

Their use of unconventional materials gave a fresh perspective on familiar waste with wall panels crafted from recycled dairy packaging, textile coating made from recycled materials, and distinctive woven vinyl flooring from Bolon.

Bolon Stockholm Furniture Fair

To showcase its commitment to environmental responsibility, Bolon chose to install their flooring using our double-sided dry-tack adhesive Tab-It.

This not only ensured a seamless installation process but also enabled the flooring to be cleanly uplifted after the fair.  Some of the flooring will be reused at another fair, whilst the rest was taken back by Bolon for recycling back into their circular business model.

“Opting for the installation of Bolon Flooring with the IOBAC Tab-it proved to be an ideal choice for the temporary setup at the trade show.


The surface club withstood the foot traffic of many visitors, showing the durability of the installation method.”

Flooring Installer, 3L Måleri & Golv

”We recommended to Studio Lab La Bla and the installers for an installation method of our Bolon tiles 50 x 50 cm with IOBAC Tab-it.


With this sustainable no glue installation method Studio Lab La Bla could re-use a part of the Bolon tiles 50 x 50 cm for another fair and the rest we could take back for recycling in our own recycling plant to make new Bolon flooring out of it.”

Global Technical Sales Manager, BOLON

Photo credit: Katrine Morel