Private Equity Firm Workspace Fit-Out

Leading real estate company Landsec published its Material Brief in 2021, setting out its preferred and ideal requirements for common materials used on its development and portfolio projects.

The list includes prohibited materials based on health impacts, responsible sourcing, embodied impact and resource efficiency considerations.

For flooring installation, the Materials Brief states:

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“Avoid using adhesives to create composite materials that cannot be recycled.”



Preferred for Flooring – “Mechanically (as opposed to chemically) fixed methods.”



Ideal for Flooring – “Products with established closed loop recycling systems (take back schemes).”




Taking this guidance into account, BW: Workplace Experts have used adhesive-free installation on all floor finishes for their recent BREEAM Excellent rated office refit for Landsec and a private equity firm client in London.

Adhesive-free IOBAC MagTabs® were used by contractor Loughton Contracts to install Desso AirMaster Earth carpet tiles onto the existing metal raised access flooring across two floors totalling 4,500 sqm.

Magnetic on one side and dry-tack on the other, MagTabs hold floor tiles securely in place over the life of the install.

Hard to Shift, Easy to Lift – Acting as a reversible fixing mechanism, they enable the flooring to be uplifted without contamination or damage to the floor tile or access flooring.

Credit - BW Workspace Adhesive-free Flooring Installation Workspace Fit-Out
Credit - BW Workspace Adhesive-free Flooring Installation Workspace Fit-Out



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4,500 sqm Access Flooring @ £35/sqm = £157,500

4,500 sqm Carpet Tiles @ £22/sqm = £99,000

Compare the asset impact and remedial costs of using wet adhesive installation vs IOBAC MagTabs:

With wet adhesive installation costing £0.50/sqm (£2,250)

Assets worth £256,500 (access floor and carpet tile) damaged

Remediation of access floor @ £12/sqm = £54,000

Disposal of contaminated tiles @ £0.45/sqm = £20,250

Total costs before next install = £74,250

Using MagTabs costing £1/sqm (£4,500):

Assets protected and value retained – £256,500

Zero remediation of access floor needed = £0

Downcycle of MagTabs @ £0.01/sqm = £45

Total costs before next install = £45


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Using MagTabs will enable the carpet tiles to be reused at the end of the lease, avoiding additional embodied carbon:

1 x extra life for Desso carpet tiles @ 5.24 kg CO₂e /sqm*
Assume 50% reusage rate = (4,500 x 5.24)/2 = 11,790kg CO2 saving

*Source: Desso AirMaster Carbon Footprint (Cradle-to-Gate, EPD Modules A1-A3) = 5.24 kg CO₂e /sqm


EN16516 tests construction products for emissions into indoor air of regulated dangerous substances such as VOCs, very volatile aldehydes.

Independent testing has confirmed that MagTabs comply with the “Exemplary” criteria on VOC emissions for BREEAM and exceeded all points for LEED specification.

BREEAM credits can be awarded for material efficiency, reuse and waste reduction.

Wst 01: Waste Management
Up to 7 credits for reduction of waste e.g. for used carpet tiles
> 3 points for on-site reuse of original carpet tiles
> 2 points for off-site reuse on other projects
> 1 point for direct recycling via a manufacturer


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Reversible MagTabs enable the flooring and sub-floor to be easily separated.

They are a universal fixing mechanism – carpet tile, Luxury Vinyl Tile and woven vinyl tile from different brands can be combined in one design.

Proven on projects including Shaw ContractForboBurmatexntgrate, Tarkett, Desso, Ege Carpets, BalsanBolonBLOQ, Milliken, Modulyss and Interface.