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Scanalytics Inc. and IOBAC Ltd are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance intended to accelerate the synergy between their complementary technologies for the rapidly growing sensored flooring market.

The agreement covers both the sales and marketing, and supply and development, of modular sensored flooring using magnetic and graphene based technologies for the conference and exhibition, retail, and healthcare markets.

Scanalytics is a leading Internet of Things company focused on sensor-fusion for physical environments that pioneered the smart-flooring sensor. Scanalytics helps future-proof buildings by using proprietary sensors that are embedded into permanent fixtures. These sensors, combined with other sensor data, give buildings the most granular, accurate, and consistent observation of space utilisation so the building can automatically react to occupant behaviours. Scanalytics is making it possible for the built environment to have a “brain.”

The advanced proprietary algorithms translate foot traffic into actionable data for real-time and historical access to the evolving trends in physical spaces. Using floor sensor technology, businesses are able to capture and analyse occupancy, traffic patterns and engagement times to increase conversions and improve ROI for their locations. Scanalytics has deployed their technology across North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia, with several million square feet of sensors being installed across premier properties like the McCormick Place in Chicago.

IOBAC patented technology revolutionises traditional flooring techniques, enabling floors to be installed far more simply, cleanly, quickly and ultimately, cost-effectively.  In addition, the solutions provide end-users with the ultimate flexibility to change and remodel in less time and at a lower cost than traditional systems.  Their patents utilise innovative combinations of resin-based coatings and metallic and graphene-based additives in order to create a range of systems including dry-laid magnetic flooring and underfloor heating solutions.  IOBAC magnetic flooring systems are installed in some of the world’s busiest environments across retail, hospitality and travel hubs.

Paul Woolvine, CEO of IOBAC states, “The combination of Scanalytics’ expertise in data and insight with IOBAC’s patented flooring technologies and global capability is powerful.  Once business owners have gained valuable insight into how to best utilise their floor space, they can make instant changes to the design of their flooring as a result.  Whether that’s adding way-finding to more profitable areas, introducing promotional messaging, or completely changing the flooring design, our modular flooring solutions make this a straight-forward change so that businesses can realise the benefits straight away.”

“We are very pleased  to align with IOBAC in this way, and are excited for the future by the synergies between our two companies. The modularity of IOBAC’s system makes it a no-brainer for our customers. Working with a flooring technology expert such as IOBAC enables us to give our customers unique additional business advantage,” adds Joe Scanlin, Co-founder and CEO of Scanalytics Inc.