After collaboration between Tier Global Ltd and IOBAC Ltd, we are pleased to announce that the compatibility between the TIERdrylay™ magnetic wood collection magnetic wood collection and Ezy-Install underlay has been confirmed, with excellent grab between the two components.  The combined system is laid without any adhesive or grout in a fast, clean process which reduces installation time by around 80% with the floor immediately usable.

Paul Woolvine, CEO of IOBAC, explains, “Now a beautiful timber floor can be installed far easier, cleaner and quicker than ever before – simply roll out the Ezy-Install underlay, cut to size and install TIERdrylay magnetic timber on top.  The dual grip properties of Ezy-Install combined with the high quality Tier Global magnetic timber result in a secure hold and a floor that can withstand demanding conditions.  Beauty and strength combined.

At IOBAC, we are always keen to collaborate with floor covering manufacturers and are delighted to work with Tier Global and their expertise in timber products.”

Dale Nunn, Founder and Managing Director of Tier Global, concludes, “Being able to use the Ezy-Install underlay as a magnetically receptive base, in addition to raised access floors, means that the applications for TIERdrylay timber products are vastly expanded.  We are excited by the opportunities that IOBAC’s technologies bring.”

A leader in dry lay flooring systems, Tier Global’s solutions include a comprehensive range of patent-pending magnetic-backed hard finishes which are typically installed onto metal raised access flooring.  The TIERdrylay™ range includes magnetically backed timber, porcelain and natural stone flooring and is used across a variety of commercial environments.

One of the most popular client choices is the TIERdrylay magnetic wood collection, which combines stunning aesthetics with hard-wearing durability for a smart commercial flooring solution.  The magnetic backed, high grade engineered birch laminated board incorporates a thick European oak wear layer and is available in 12 standard colours or, for a truly bespoke floor, in any one of over 1000 colours and finishes.

IOBAC offer a range of innovative flooring solutions, including Ezy-Install which is a dry-laid high performance underlay.  Ezy-Install comprises IOBAC’s patented resin technology which converts the underlay into a magnetically-receptive base onto which top surface tiles can then be added.  It also gives the underlay a high grab adhesive tack, much like a sticky note.

Various types of tiles (wood, ceramic, LVT, carpet etc) are then held securely in place utilising Ezy-Install’s unique dual grip properties of high grab adhesive tack and magnetic attraction, maximising resilience to high foot traffic.  Magnetic backed tiles are simply installed on top or alternatively, standard tiles can be attached using IOBAC’s award-winning MagTabs.

Tiles can be interchanged effortlessly, meaning design changes and repairs can be carried out with no specialist skills required and in a fraction of the time ordinarily taken.   As no wet-adhesives are used in the process, used surface tiles are uncontaminated and can also be re-used or recycled, rather than going to landfill.