Wood has been a trusted flooring choice for centuries, with the first tongue-and-groove products invented in the late 1800s.

Beautiful and sustainable, wood flooring can be a fantastic enhancement to both commercial and residential interior projects.

So why make it magnetic?

Benefits Of Magnetic Wood Flooring


Magnetic-backed wood products combine reliable tongue-and-groove locking with today’s new installation technology for superior sustainability and convenience.

By magnetising the underside of the wood planks, the installation process is made much faster and easier as planks can be fitted directly to magnetically receptive bases such as  metal raised access flooring or our Ezy-Install Underlay.

Installation time can be more than halved versus traditional methods.  No messy sticking with adhesives, no fiddly clicking … just securely held, hard-wearing floors.

The process is quick, clean and intuitive – installation can easily be done by competent DIYers or tradespeople, no specialist fitters required.

The wood floor is securely held, yet can be cleanly and easily uplifted whenever needed, contamination-free.  The wood planks can be re-used again and again in different projects – a floor for life!

This video shows a 20m2 room fitted with wood flooring from Wood Flooring Engineered in just 3.5 hours – that’s normally a 2 day job!


IOBAC Benefits of Magnetic Wood Flooring

How Magnetic Wood Flooring Works

Magnetic wood flooring is comprised of 3 key layers as detailed below.

Thanks to our years of experience, IOBAC can advise on the best materials and processes required to magnetise a wood product for optimum performance – please contact us for further details.

IOBAC Adhesive-free Magnetic Wood Composition

Tongue and groove wood floor

  • Holds planks horizontally with abutment
  • Resists vertical movement
  • Provides level expanse of floor
  • Protects against localised deviations of subfloor

Hydrophobic coating

  • Protects wood from moisture
  • Restricts movement, improving stability of product

High strength magnetic film

  • Adhered using super durable marine-grade adhesive
  • Protects the back of the wood from moisture
  • Provides the wood with extra vertical and horizontal grab to the magnetically receptive base


Applications of Magnetic Wood Flooring

Magnetic-backed wood can be installed onto the following magnetically-receptive bases:

1. Metal Raised Access Flooring

Metal raised access flooring is typically found in workplaces, data centres and retail spaces, as they easily facilitate access to electrical and data services below the sub-floor.

The magnetic wood flooring is simply installed directly onto the access flooring.  This simple process saves time, materials and downtime as compared to traditional methods which can involve adhering wood to a plywood base,

  • Quick installation – approx. 25sqm per hour
  • Easy access to floor void at data-points and agreed areas
  • Remove planks quickly
  • Access floor left clean and uncontaminated for next use

Steps involved in wood flooring installation on raised metal access flooring  – conventional vs magnetic wood flooring:

IOBAC Adhesive-free Magnetic Wood Access Flooring installation

2. Ezy-Install Underlay

IOBAC Ezy-Install Underlay Adhesive-Free Flooring

Suitable for both commercial and residential use, our Ezy-Install Underlay is a dry-laid underlay which is rolled out and cut to size for a simple. clean, adhesive-free wood floor.

Its rubber crumb composition provides excellent acoustic properties for impact sound reduction, as well as moisture protection.

It can also be used within our Ezy-Warm Underfloor heating system for beautiful, heated wooden flooring.




Magnetic Wood Flooring – Where to Buy

Magnetic wood flooring is available to purchase from manufacturers including Wood Flooring Engineered and Wood Floors & Accessories
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IOBAC is able to help manufacturers of wood flooring interested in magnetising their products – we are able to advise on suitable coatings and high strength magnetic films, and consult on the magnetisation process.

As well as those manufacturers above, we have assisted several other wood flooring manufacturers including Nydree Flooring in converting their wood products to magnetic. 

Please contact us for further details.