🌏 Circular and sustainable thinking is woven into the DNA of ntgrate.

From their BREEAM/LEED certified production facilities to their premium woven vinyl flooring for creative interior designs coupled with acoustic comfort.

ntgrate premium woven vinyl flooring logo

So we are delighted that Ntgrate are the latest manufacturer to approve IOBAC MagTabs® as an adhesive-free installation method for their flooring collections.

♻️ Installing Ntgrate products using MagTabs enables them to be uplifted cleanly at the end of their first life and taken back as part of the ReNtgrate Reuse programme to be given a second life

💚 Making commercial flooring reuse a reality.

ntgrate woven vinyl flooring with IOBAC adhesive-free MagTabs
Ntgrate approve IOBAC adhesive-free MagTabs