We are delighted to confirm that our clever little squares, IOBAC MagTabs, were recently voted in the top 10 best flooring innovations of 2020 by readers of Tomorrow’s Contract Floors.

Coming in seventh position out of the fifty best flooring products, MagTabs were recognised as a sustainable solution for speeding up modular flooring installations.

Magnetic on one side and self-adhesive on the other, these smart little tabs work by locking the top surface flooring tiles tightly together using a unique 2-dimensional grip.  Either use the existing metal raised access floor, or apply a magnetically receptive base direct to the existing sub-floor such as our Ezy-Install underlay – minimal preparation is required, and in some cases, there is no need to uplift the existing flooring.

Not only are flooring tiles held together horizontally as per conventional floating floor solutions, but due to magnetic attraction, the IOBAC MagTabs also enable a strong grip in the vertical direction, ensuring tiles are secured well in place until the time comes to uplift them.

The super-quick loose lay method reduces installation time by up to 3x and eliminates the need for any messy tackifiers or wet adhesives, enabling a clean, odour free process. The floor can be walked on immediately after installation, meaning less upheaval to the organisation.

When installed on raised metal access floors, they enable easy direct access to the subfloor, and remove cleanly with no residue or contamination, ready for the next tenant.