IOBAC Limited is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary new modular flooring product, Ezy-Install, in partnership with InstaGroup Limited.

Ezy-Install Flooring makes the process of installing a floor far easier, cleaner and quicker than ever before.  Ideal for commercial and residential applications, complex designs using carpet and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) can be rapidly achieved due to the simplicity of the system.  Tiles can be interchanged effortlessly, meaning design changes and repairs can be carried out with no specialist skills required and in a fraction of the time ordinarily taken.

The system comprises a high performance underlay, which is simply dry-laid on to a prepared base and cut to shape.  Carpet, wood or luxury vinyl tiles are then held securely in place utilising Ezy-Install’s unique double grip properties of high grab adhesive tack and magnetic attraction.

Developed in collaboration with InstaFloor, leading provider of high performance acoustic underlays and raised acoustic flooring for over 30 years, Ezy-Install provides a conformable, compression resistant base, for which minimal subfloor preparation is required.  It also benefits from being a moisture tolerant system, and offers excellent acoustic properties.

IOBAC’s patented resin technology converts the underlay into a magnetically-receptive base onto which top surface tiles can then be added.  It also gives the underlay a high grab adhesive tack, much like a sticky note.  Magnetic backed tiles are simply installed on top or alternatively, standard carpet and loose lay tiles can be attached using IOBAC’s award-winning MagTabs.

Combining the resin tack adhesion with the magnetic attraction creates a dual grip between the underlay and floor tile, maximising resilience to high foot traffic.  Yet for repair, maintenance or when the time comes for a design change, the tile can be removed undamaged in a matter of seconds, without the need for external contractors.

Shaun Smith, Business Director at InstaFloor, explains further, “Sustainability was also a critical factor within the development process for Ezy-Install.  The underlay itself is made from recycled rubber crumb, and the VOC-free, non-toxic resin is plant-based, manufactured mostly from renewable castor oil.  The product is waterproof, naturally antimicrobial and easily cleanable enabling multiple usages, and is fully recyclable at the end of its life.  As no wet-adhesives are used in the process, used surface tiles are uncontaminated and can also be re-used or recycled, rather than going to landfill.”

Paul Woolvine, CEO of IOBAC, concludes, “We are delighted to enter into a strategic development, sales and marketing alliance with InstaFloor on this exciting innovation. InstaFloor’s expertise in acoustic underlays coupled with IOBAC’s resin technology results in a solution that enables customers to think differently about flooring.

No longer does flooring have to be seen as merely a necessity that once chosen, you are stuck with for many years.  Now with Ezy-Install, installation, repair and maintenance costs are slashed, and flooring becomes a flexible design element that complements today’s ever changing retail, work, leisure and residential spaces.  Put simply, Ezy-Install makes flooring work harder for homes and organisations.”