Looking for your next binge watch?!

Introducing Floor-Flix, our new video series dedicated to the latest in adhesive-free flooring technology and demonstrating why it’s the quickest, easiest and most sustainable flooring installation method around.

Season 1 is all about the wide variety of floor coverings that can be installed using our award-winning Ezy-Install Underlay. Its unique Dual Grip technology combines adhesion and magnetism to provide a secure hold to a diverse range of floor coverings and peace of mind for high foot traffic areas:

  • Standard backed carpet tile with MagTabs
  • Magnetic backed and Standard backed Luxury Vinyl Tile with MagTabs
  • Magnetic backed wood
  • Magnetic backed reinforced ceramic

There are clear installation videos for each floor type demonstrating how easily the flooring can be fitted onto the underlay.

This installation method is quick and simple, easy to rectify and very sustainable.  Ezy-Install is made from recycled truck tyres and plant based resin, and can be easily recycled.  Tiles are uplifted easily and cleanly with no adhesive contamination, meaning tiles can be easily reused or recycled, completely eliminating floor waste going to landfill.

Check it out on our YouTube channel .  We hope you enjoy!