We spoke to Tile & Stone Journal about the story behind the development of Ezy-Fit Tile Access Panels.

Frustrated by the options currently on the market, leading tiling contractor Ashbury Tiles Ltd briefed technology experts IOBAC UK Ltd to develop a simple, fast access panel kit that delivered a professional finish without the need for destructive access for maintenance.

Ian Spreadborough, Co-founder and Director of IOBAC explains: ”Concealed access panels enable services such as pipes and fittings hidden behind tiled walls to be accessed for maintenance and repair.  They are a common requirement in residential and commercial projects, particularly for bathroom and kitchen areas.

However, tiling contractors told us that installing tile access panels can be a tricky process.  Trying to line up hinges and brackets to get a perfect finish is fiddly, frustrating and can lose precious time on a job. Plus, contractors often must return to site afterwards to open the panel for access.”

In response to Ashbury Tiles’ brief, IOBAC developed Ezy-Fit Tile Access Panel kits, a very simple access solution which halves installation time.   Having demonstrated its efficacy, the system was approved by Telford Homes for use on its prestigious regeneration project at Nine Elms, comprising some 1,452 rooms.


A fast, flexible and professional finish every time


Ezy-Fit enables access panels to be created in 3 speedy steps using a simple 2-part system:

  • IOBAC Magnetic Access Tabs – clever little squares which are magnetic on one side and self-adhesive on the other
  • Compressive Crumb Rubber Packers – flexible rubber pads using patented Dual-Grip technology (tack and magnetism combined) for superior hold

Simply peel and stick the adhesive side of the Magnetic Access Tabs to the back of the tile.  Then position the Rubber Packers over the Magnetic Access Tabs, apply tile adhesive to the Rubber Packer and position the tile over the access void.

The tiles are securely held thanks to patented Dual Grip technology combining adhesion with magnetic attraction between the Magnetic Access Tab and the Rubber Packer.  Yet when access is needed, the tile is simply lifted away using a suction cup with no mess, broken tiles or bother.

Save Time and Costs on Your Next Project

FAST – This simple process does not require any precision hinges or drilling and means that installation time is less than half versus traditional methods.

FLEXIBLE – Ezy-Fit is available in two kit formats for Bath Panels and Soil & Vent Pipes.  However, recognising that often no two access panel jobs are the same, the Tabs and Packers can be adapted for a seamless solution, irrespective of the dimensions of the access void.

PERFECT SELF-LEVELLING FINISH – The dry-tack Rubber Packers are super conformable, helping to level and easily adjust tile positioning for a flawless finish.  Tiles can be grouted for complete invisibility, or edge-sealed with clear silicone.

EASY ACCESS – Cut away the silicone seal and simply remove the tile using a suction-cup for clean and non-destructive access.  There is no need for spare, replacement tiles or return site visits by the tiling contractor as access can be gained by trades on-site, or the homeowner.

Tested and approved by trade experts


Having completed work at Nine Elms, Ashbury Tiles Ltd have used Ezy-Fit Tile Access Panel kits for subsequent projects, stating that:

 “Access panel kits are generally unsightly, costly and time consuming to install. Finally Ezy-Fit offers a solution that works for tilers. It is without question the quickest, cleanest, most simple tile access solution on the market, ideal for our clients’ needs.”


More information, detailed installation guides and videos available at www.ezyfit.co.uk.   

Ezy-Fit Soil & Vent Pipe and Bath Panel Kits are available to purchase from Trimline Group and is available for specification via NBS Source.

EZY-FIT Tile Access Panel Kit Try before you buy offer


Try Ezy-Fit before you buy, and tell us what YOU think by:

1) Contacting us to order your FREE Ezy-Fit kits.  Email alex@iobac.com or call 07384 962529

2) Try Ezy-Fit on your next tiling project and see how much time you can save vs usual methods

3) Send us a photo of your work, along with your feedback

Terms and Conditions: Only eligible for trade tiling contractors. Maximum 5 kits per contractor available. No cash equivalent. On request, photos and quotes may be used in future IOBAC marketing communications. 


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