Flooring That’s As Flexible As the Workplace

The workplace is changing fast.


Office design must be more agile than ever before.


Download our whitepaper on flooring for the workplace developed for organizations in the US in partnership with  Division 9 Associates, an expert in commercial flooring specification.


Inside you’ll find:

  • The key trends driving workplace design

  • Why adhesive-free installation means single-use flooring is a thing of the past

  • How flooring can actually pay an organization BACK

  • Why modular is the way forward, changing once static flooring into an agile and versatile design element with a seamless range of covering choices

  • How fit-outs and maintenance can be carried out faster and more cost-effectively, with less mess, fewer materials, and minimised disruption to business operations 

  • How flooring access, repair and maintenance processes can be vastly simplified 

  • Handy selection guides, case study examples and product details

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