Smart little tabs = The future of modular flooring installation


IOBAC MagTabs affix to any magnetically receptive floor, whether that’s a metal raised access floor or a metallic base from the IOBAC Magnetic Flooring system. 



Magnetic on one side and self-adhesive on the other, these smart little tabs work by locking tiles tightly together using a unique 2-dimensional grip to create the next generation in “floating floor” technology.

How IOBAC MagTabs Work

Kiss cut onto a silicone release liner for a quick and easy peel, IOBAC MagTabs are easy to pre-load onto any magnetically receptive floor, whether that’s a metal raised access floor, Ezy-Install Underlay, or an IOBAC resin

Then carpet tiles and +4mm vinyl products can be simply connected into place.

Not only are tiles held together horizontally as per conventional floating floor solutions, but due to magnetic attraction, the IOBAC MagTabs also enable a strong grip in the vertical direction, ensuring tiles are secured well in place until the time comes to uplift them.



For Use with Metal Raised Access Floors:         


  • Super quick loose lay method means
    • minimal disruption to operations, customers and employees
    • cost benefits to the business
  • Gives full flexibility – easy direct access to raised access floor or sub-floor
  • Removes cleanly – no residue or contamination

For Use with IOBAC Magnetic Bases: Ezy-Install Underlay or Resin

  • Enjoy all the cost and flexibility benefits of a IOBAC Magnetic Flooring System, but now using standard non magnetic tiles 
    • Increased design options
    • No need to wait to source more costly magnetic Luxury Vinyl or carpet tiles

Speed of Installation

  • Intuitive, quick, dry-laid solutions
  • No waiting – traffick as soon as top surface laid
  • Minimal disruption to


  • Easy direct access to raised
    access floor or subfloor
  • Additional design potential
  • Easy uplift for access/repair

Operational Effectiveness

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Repair costs significantly


  • Clean, odour free processes
  • No spray/liquid adhesives
  • No wet trades
  • Removes cleanly – no residue or contamination

Choice of 2 MagTab versions


IOBAC MagTab MT4 for use with metal raised access floors, Ezy-Install Underlay or IOBAC High Grab Resin

IOBAC MagTab MT5 for use with IOBAC Express Cure Resin

Installation Guidelines

Download IOBAC MagTab Installation Guide

Installation of looselay vinyl tiles

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