IOBAC Heated Walling

A modern alternative to radiators

Imagine your space without bulky radiators or storage heaters

Welcome to the modern alternative  … 

This video from the IOBAC workshop shows how amazing graphene technology is used with super-conductive resin to create an easily installed integrated heating solution for any environment. 

A solution that can be integral to the wall or floor AND powered by renewable energy sources


The future of heating!

How it works

Design freedom

  • No unsightly wall-hung radiators
  • Maximise living space
  • A micro-thin radiator

Non Disruptive

  • Installation requires no disruption to existing system
  • Simply remove coating and repaint

Cost Effective

  • Quick to heat up to 30C
  • Highly efficient running costs
  • Can be powered by renewable supply (Solar), can be DC or AC supply


  • Health benefits of infrared heat
  • Prevention of gathered dust
  • Recycled additive
  • Water based coatings

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