About us

The story so far

IOBAC was started when the founders, who owned one of the largest UK largest flooring contractors thought “there must be a better way”, and IOBAC ltd was set up. 

IOBAC started with a patented solution joint with 3M on rapid setting polyaspartic magnetically receptive underlayment to a magnetic floor tile supplied by Karndean. 

We received investment in 2016 and have built out a large range of technologies since 2017 including 4 new patents.

In January 2019 we signed an exclusive agreement with Unilin IP (flooring industries) to commercialise the IP.  A further 2 patents were filed in 2019 which were on electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and heated flooring.   

The IOBAC way

  • Innovation through collaboration
  • Challenging industry to think differently about flooring – “a floor is not just a floor”
  • Better business outcomes using IOBAC technologies to make floors work harder
  • Tangible business results – not just innovation for the sake of it


Who We Are

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